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You read the blog?

If you have read the previous pages, you now know that I had a lot of bad luck with my 3DSystems BFB Touch. Actually, it's more a faulty design combined with terrible customer support - nothing to do with luck.

Customer support? Which customer support?

I made two more attempts to get the mother board on my 3DSystems BFB Touch changed. It broke just two days after the warranty ran out, and I was even prepared to pay for the board, but 3DSystems simply stopped answering my mails.


3DSystems has probably grown much too fast. They have bought companies left and right and probaby fired half of the staff or made them leave. The effect for me as a customer is, that a machine that is merely two years old and has cost three grand is now unrepairable.

What happened to all those who bouht a ZPrinter for 85.000 Euros two years ago? Do they have the same issue? Or are they forced to sign maintenance contracts?

My conclusion is, that I will not buy from 3D Systems again. Ever.

But here is the promised solution

After fiddling with Rumba and all the other issues, spending roughly 600 Euros on hardware, I got quite fed up. The machine is back to something that resembles 3D printing, but it has cost me hours and hours of experimenting and cursing. And it is still not nearly perfect.

Four days ago, I ordered the Da Vinci 1.0 from XYZPrinting for less than half the money than I spent on BFB repairs alone. And guess what: the machines produces better quality prints as a plug-and-play machine than the "semi-professional" BFB ever did!

Am I going to buy a 3D Systems Cube? Or any other 3D Systems machine?

Forget it!