John Z. DeLorean

Where would your car be today without the movie "Back to the future"?

It was a beatiful car, kind of special. It turned eyes and heads. It was shiny. But with all due respect, it was a technological nightmare.

Sure, the stainless steel is shiny and beatiful, but it gets scratched easily, and a dent can never be fixed. The doors look awsome and take little space, but pedestrians keep bumping their head. And yes, it looks fast, but it sure is not. A four cylinder Volvo engine to move this heave big wheel car is a joke. A bad one.

And all the repairs. The plastic was brittle after 20 years, the headliners fell down. The dorr springs get worn out. Spare parts are extremely rare and expensive, but thanks to all these well known issues, the car has almost no resale value.

Still, it was my first car in California. I liked it, everybody talked about it, but far too many times, it was in the shop and I had to walk. The following '72 Beetle was a much better choice.