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Einstein: emulating NewtonOS on all platforms

This is NewtonOS running under Android 2.2 on a Samsung Galaxy Pad. This is still a little way from releasing, but I am quite positive that this will be the first version of Einstein running on a PDA that has the potential to replace the MessagePad.

On the low end, this will likely run fine on a hacked $200 Nook Color, but as a highlight, I will hopefully be able to support the HTC Flyer which comes standard with a stylus.

Click on the image to see a larger version.

     - Matthias

Early Test Version

For the brave among you Android device owners, this is an early test version.

Copy the file 717006.rom and Einstein.rex to /Download/Einstein on your Android device. Then install and launch the Android Package. The first launch will take quite a while, but after the Flash RAM is set up, further launches will be quicker.

http://www.matthiasm.com/einstein_001.apk (Alt-click on OS X, right-click on Windows to download).

     - Matthias

Mar 13, 2011: a new Version is out

This new version of Einstein for Android is a lot better: it behaves a bit better within Android and has an application icon. It also runs fullscreen.

http://www.matthiasm.com/einstein_002.apk (Alt-click on OS X, right-click on Windows to download).

Next: sound support, correct suspend mode

     - Matthias

Jan 2nd, 2011: improving Einstein

The Emulator has gotten quite a boost in the last days. Check it out. Screen resolutions and screen rotations work now, and the Java front end is getting much better. The newest version is on Google code.