A collection of some of the hardware projects I did over the years.

Laser Engraver

Some information around laser engraving. This particular page explains a few attempts at using a regular CO2 laser for SLS rapid prototyping. Not very successfuly though.

Upgrading a T-962a Reflow Soldering Oven

This solder oven from China is cheap and sturdy. It has a bunch of technical issues that are quite easy to fix, thanks to Unified Engineering , a Swedish organisation that has made an alternative firmware available for free.

The TVM802A Pick and Place Machine

This is a commercial machine that places SMD electronic part on a prepared printed circuit board. The page describes my adventure from ordering the machine directly in China through delivery, setup, testing, programming all the way to my first electronics boards.


A machine for scanning 16mm film in full HD without putting stress on the film material.

EV Charge Station in a Gasoline Pump

Converting a gasoline pump into a charge point, adding internet access and 7 segment displays.

CAN bus for classic cars

Creating a set of CAN bus modules for a 1972 VW van. Just because.