Laser Engraver

I was lucky to get my hands on a nice laser machine. It's perfect for cutting Acrylic, but also for 4mm Birch plywood, commonly available at home improvement stores in Germany.

I use the engraver to cut out models for the kids, robot chassis, and a lot of doodads like boxes and cases.

So this page is basically a placeholder for the things that I will put online, maybe, one day.

SLS, Selective Laser Sintering

My most recent project involves a system of boxes and plungers that is designed to add an SLS option to my laser engraver. This is a nice addition for 3D rapid prototyping.

The box and plunger setup itself is cut from plywood using the same laser. By adding three simple RC servos, this will be a great build platform for a few bucks.

Next thing will be finding a good material:

  • thermal glue covered sand
  • Nylon 12 (PA2200) (where to buy, which material exactly?) size: 60 um, densite 0.44 g/cm3
    • Nylon with Glas Pearls (Nylon 12 GF)
    • AF = Aluminium Filled, CF = Carbon Filled
  • Polystyrene? (investment casting)
  • powder coating material (ordered, but when will it arrive?)
  • sugar (crystal, powdered?)
  • SOMOS 201 (3D Systems, rubber-like)

New approach: Sintratec