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Eagle CAD ULP script file

Creating Pick and Place files from Eagle CAD

I like to use Eage CAD for making my PCBs. The following script generates the required CSV file from the current Eagle Board.

Current version:

Older Versions:

Install the ULP somewhere in your Eagle setup, preferably within the ULP user or application library directory. The script will be available immediatly. Switch to Board View and call the ULP with run mount_tvm.ulp.


Current features:

  • generate Pick'n'place file for TVM802A
  • board rotation
  • persistent machine setting
  • parts are sorted by value and package type
  • stack indexes are incremented automatically
  • nozzle and stack are selected by part size
  • visual alignment is selected by part type
  • persistent board settings

Comming soon:

  • support for fiducials
  • more machine settings
  • multiple boards
  • support for bottom layer placement

Even more features:

  • stack database, management, and optimization
  • part database, height, and correction

Output Tab

The Output Tab contains all settings required to write the Pick'n'place file for a TVM802A machine.

The Board Statistics field gives you some information about the board itself and about the SMD parts on the board. Make sure that the information is correct. The board size is needed to calculate the place position for rotated boards.

The Pick and Place Data File selector allow you to pick a filename for the CSV file that will be generated. The default path and filename saves the file where the board file lives. You can either edit the text field, or click on the [...] button to open a file selector dialog.

The Board Rotation field makes it possible to generate place information for a board that is mounted in a different orientation than it is designed in.

  • Apply will write the pick'n'place file, but not close the dialog
  • Cancel will not write anything and close the dialog box
  • OK will write the file and close the dialog

Machine Tab

The Machine Tab provides settings that are particular for one machine and don't change for other PCBs. The settings are stored as TVM802A_Machine_Settings.txt in the EPF directory.

The Stop Bar Origin is the position of the bottom left corner of the PCB when mounted on the stop bars and pushed left. Use manual mode in the TVM software to position the down-facing camera on that corner. Then create a part enrtry from vision, and the part position will reflect the exact offset of the PCB.

Press the Save Setting button to save all settings in the machine tab for later use. Changes in the settings are not automatically saved when closing the dialog.


Please let me know if you have comments or ideas for new features: