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Emulating the Serial Port with Einstein

Feb 17 2017

Einstein can now emulate the external serial port of the Newton on Mac OS X. It can directly connect NCX on the same machine.

It has been a lot of reverse engineering and a lot of fun. So, if you like to try this out, here is a binary release of the corresponding Mac OS X apps:


Feedback would be nice. Let me know what works and what doesn't, which ROM/RAM/Flash configuration you are using and which machine is emulated. Preferable by eMail to eep noise down: einstein@matthiasm.com .

One thing I know already: it is still pretty slow. The screenshot function takes a looong time (>1 minute), but there is also a lot of things that can be optimized. Oh, and the screenshot function works only with the original screen size.

The goal of this project is to intergrate Einstein into a developers environemt as much as possible. A developer could edit a NewtoScript file (*) press "Cmd-R", and the code compiles, uploads, and runs on Einstein. Ideally, the Inspector would be reachable as well, including breakpoints and data views.

*) or a C or C++ file, or even an ARM assembler file...