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Assembling the Body

Now here we have the hopper walls, the hopper bottom, and the electronics box. We will also need the body sides, the front, the back plate, and the six hopper holders.

Electronics Compartment

This is a test assemply of the electronics compartment. In the next version, the electronics box will be removable.

Hoper Assembly

I tested the hopper assembly here. This entire setup can then be dropped into one side, then covered by the other side. Tightening all bolts will put the case quite straight, even i some of the parts are slightly bent by humidity.

Don't Forget The Hidden Nuts!

There is a speciality about the hopper sides: the upper set of square nut holes are located on the fingers instead of th slots. The idea is, that the bolts will not interfere with the piston, creating a solid hopper surface inside. So, before dropping the walls into the side, slide the square nuts into the finger holes.

Putting It Together

Allright. Istarted at the front. The first wall goes in. Don't lock it yet. It nees to remain movable until all the walls are in.

Z Motors Mount

Drop in the middle wall. Now you can slide the motor mount through. It will help stability. The motors can be easily mounted later.

All Walls In

With all walls, the motor mount, and the electronics box interlocking, we drop the entire assemply into the side panel. It only fits one way.

Hidden Nuts

Here is another look at the hidden nuts in the finger joints. It's easy to see now why they need to be put in before assembling the parts. All other square nuts can be fit after assembly.

Building the Hoppers

The hopper walls are held using the wall mount bars. Fit the bars and hold them with more M4 16mm bolts. After tightening the bolts on one side, turn the assembly over and mount the other side plate. Tighten the bolts on that one, too.

Electronics Side (Back Cover)

It's time to mount the back and front sides and give our machine some shape. The back cover is the one with the opening for the electronics. It should fit onto the one end of the assembly. Mount it and lock it with more bolts (At this point, I am running out of bolts. I should have bought the hundred back, not the 50 one).

Front Side

We can mount the front side as well. The front side has a cutout above the handle hole. Again, assemble and bolt it.

Bolted Together

Aaaah. this is how the machine looks assembled. If you still have some time on your hands, you can measure the length of the 8mm Y rods now and cut both to size. They are mounted using the rod holders (which are not neither in my parts pile, nor in my photo, so they are probably not in the CAD file either. Bummer). So instead, let's enjoy another look...

Side View

... at the main case from another side.

Next, we have to add the bearings, the belt tighteners, and the Y axle with gears and motor.

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