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  • 74LVC244 TTL to 3.3V converter
  • Felx circuit Board from Farnell
  • Flat Ribbon Cable, connectors (stepper, print head, end stops)
  • 100nF cap for SD Card
  • I2C control panel
  • RobotShop offers a 3.2" touch screen shield for $33
  • LCD03 at http://www.ecse.rpi.edu/courses/CStudio/Lcd03tech.htm provides I2C display plus buttons

Powders and Binders (Resources):

Case Enhancements:

  • reduce material, at least parts 3 and 4 can be half their size
  • a space for all power supplies, so I only have an on/off switch and one plug in a non-dusty area
  • a control panel with an LCD, a hand full of buttons, and a slot for an SD card or USB stick.
  • mounting holes for the recommended electronics boards
  • removable electronics board for easy soldering and testing
  • a collar around the hoppers, so the powder does not fall all over the place
  • a collecting funnel and bin at the front, so the powder is collected after rolling it onto the build pile
  • a perfect wire path with a power chain, so the wires don't interfere or break
  • a carrier for a continuous ink supply of all required colors
  • a depowder station ;-)
  • and while we are at redesigning the fuselage, I would either have an outer cover and lid, or I would change some parts, so the machine can be dropped into a plastic or aluminium case for protection.


  • HP 96dpi: Cartridge C6602A, Carriage assembly Q2347A
  • HP45 600dpi: Cartridge 51645AE, Carriage assembly C3540-CARRIAB-R (4 inks only!)
  • Canon Pixma MP640 and others: Tanks CLI-521, Head QY6-0072-000, Carriage unit QM3-6893-000
    • Continuous Ink System (example): Dauerdrucksystem CKiP4600
    • Parts can be harvested from:
      • Canon Pixma IP 3600
      • Canon Pixma IP 4600
      • Canon Pixma IP 4600 X
      • Canon Pixma IP 4700
      • Canon Pixma MP 540
      • Canon Pixma MP 550
      • Canon Pixma MP 560
      • Canon Pixma MP 620
      • Canon Pixma MP 620 B
      • Canon Pixma MP 630
      • Canon Pixma MP 640
      • Canon Pixma MX 860
      • Canon Pixma MX 870

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