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The Heated Bed

Using one of the online CNC shops, I had this cut out of 4mm aluminium. The heating pad is glued under the platform. It's best to put a thin glass sheet on top of the plate. Neiter ABS nor PLA stick to aluminium. The plate will never bend and will not need replcement!

There is a magnet in the middle of the plastic boards. The magnet triggers a reed contact, telling the Touch that Z height is correct. The magnet does not like heat! Move the magnet to the side and reposition the reed switch to make this work correctly. Even better, get an endstop switch and mount it somewhere convinient.


Oh, about the three spring-loaded bolts that hold the platform: turn them around to avoid crashing the extruders into them! Just drill out the threads in the cylinders and add two self-securing nuts.

The Platform Struts

The build platform is held by four flimsy plastic bars. With a heavier build platform, these should be exchanged for sturdy aluminium bars. Her's the DXF file:


Bed Heater System

I use these parts to heat the bed. It may be useful to upgrade to a 400W heating pad. The automatic regulation comes highly recommended: set and forget!