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(Videos need to be added)

Sturdy construction

The Stack and the pick up area

Simple, but working well.

One of my PCBs and two automatically place Rectifiers

It took me a while to figure out why the rectifiers were misaligned. When new nozzles are installed, the software can measure the nozzle position for various rotations, compensating for a slightly bent nozzle. My "Nozzle Threshold" was set too low (was 45, now 85), and the software would not recognize the nozzle hole. After correcting this, the left nozzle places the parts perfectly. The right nozzle places with a healthy offset - still figuring it out. Also, please see the tvm802a_mods.html Sun Visor Mod on the next page.

Much better Alignment

After setting the correct nozzle threshold, the diodes are placed nicely.