The Volkswagen Vanagon is an ideal base for cutting and welding the nasty way. It features a wonderful frame that make radical modifications pssible and alignment easy.

The Vanagon is universal. It can carray decent loads, is big enough to be a camper or carry the US standard 8’x4′ building materials. It is small enough to fit into a compact parking spot (Los Angeles standards) and drives more like a car than a truck.

However, there are special occasions that require special vans. Here are my takes of the very special Vanagon.

Vanagon’n’on’n’on Concepts

These concepts are of course some mediocre Photoshop work. However, I wouldn’t mind putting one of those vans into the real world. All I need is a little time… .

The original Vanagon as built in ’83. Nice, but it doesn’t look very special to me – yet.

This version would push us uphill so much better. I recommend a V8 engine and at least four wheel drive.

Reminds me of a Swiss snow plow, and that’s what the 8x8XS would be perfect at.

This is simple: we just add a small segment in the middle. But the little segment would add lots of space for a bigger camper or a fourth row of seats without sacrificing much mobility.

“MatthiasM kindly recommends another pair of wheels if you intend to tow a trailer.”

The following Vanagon modification has actually been built by at least two other people by welding together a front and a rear half of two vans. One happy welder drove it as a camper to Burning Man


Corners well.

OK, I am overdoing it now. But wouldn’t it be fun?

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