Mods is an overview of modifications to commercial products that I did over the years.

BFB Touch

Once there was a company called Bits From Bytes that made revolutionary 3D Printers for FFF printing. Their printers evolved nicely, the BFB Touch beeing the best machine after a long line of printers.

PWDR 3d printer

Alex Budding designed and built Pwdr as part of his graduation project at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. He published his plans in a very clean way under Creative Commons, which means that we can build our own versions of his printer.

TVM802a pick’n’place machine

This is a little writeup of my experiences with the TVM802A pick-and-place machine from China.

To create a working board, solder paste is placed on the board using a stencil. Next, all components are picked from reels and placed on the PCB. Finally, the PCB is placed in an oven where the solder paste melts and connects the components to the pads on the board.

T-962A Reflow Solder Oven

This solder oven from China is cheap and sturdy. It has a bunch of technical issues that are quite easy to fix, thanks to Unified Engineering, a Swedish organization that has made an alternative firmware available for free.



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