This is a private web site containing some of the projects I did over the years. Enjoy.

EV Van

My biggest project yet: converting a '72 VW van from gasoline to electric drive. This project has been on pause during the winter 2012/13 simply because the garage is freezing cold.


A list of some of the OpenSource software project that I participate on.


A few of the hardware projets I did. Building the 3D printer is my current project in 2013.


Ah, those California days. No inspections, police men who apreciated a customized car, and no jealousy from other drivers. Here are some nice memories.

Outdated and Abandoned Projects

Just for reference...


Eben auf einer Internetseite "Leider ist ein unerwarteter Fehler aufgetreten!". Ah, ok. Ob es wohl auch eine Meldung für erwartete Fehler gibt. ;-)