Movido was an app that could animate faces and bodies of computer generated character live on television. It used video capturing an motion tracking. A predecessor of Movido was part of my university diploma and was first used in 1993 to produce Traugott Vocks for the German TV station VOX


In the time between 1995 and 2005 I worked on and off as a senior software engineer for Digital Domain, writing and improving the compositing software Nuke. During that time, we were working on many productions and feature films, including Titanic , Fifth Element, and I, Robot. Nuke in turn used to be based on FLTK, a cross platform user interface library by Bill Spitzak.


FLTK is a cross platform user interface library, originally written by Bill Spitzak to improve on and replace the Forms Library that was often used for Unix and SGI apps in the early 90’s.


Einstein (source) is an emulator for NewtonOS, the operating system of the Apple MessagePad that was released in 1993. Einstein was written for macOS by Paul Guyot.


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